Thursday, June 28, 2007

Red Moon

We`re lying in hammock strapped between two trees. I `m scratching her forearm with my fingertips and her head is resting on my naked chest.

Night breeze blows away the smell of fervor.

- Our garden. - she says.

- Our garden. - I repeat and then deeply, deeply, into even the farthest alveoli breathe in the musky scent of her hair.

- I have to go home. - she whispers.

- I know.

Blood moon hangs from the horizon.

Monday, June 11, 2007


With inner side od my upper lip I enjoyed rhytmic waves and by slight tip of my tongue touches I pushed them across that fine line dividing perfect from uncomparable. I felt her ancle ramming between my shoulder-blades, and weight of her honey-bowl decreasing in my palms as she purred her way closer to my lips.

Sheet rubber-band gave in under the strain and sheet swished through the air revealing naked mattress with loud "Ping!". For the moment room was encased in silence completed only with my last moist kiss to her crotch.

She relaxed, absent-mindedly running fingers through my hair.

- 40 or 42?

I rolled over to the side and placed my head on her thigh.

- 42 up, 40 down.

- Height?

- Pelvic ring.

- Hmmm... shallow.

- Shallow. For maximum tanning use - I laughed and caught her inner thigh with my teeth.

She giggled and sqiurmed - It tickles!

- Immnou. Ornamental or decorative?

- Ornamental.

- That`s what I thought. It sounds...

- ... better. More texture-like. Tangible.

- That`s it.

I got up on my hands and knees and, with touches to her thigh curve, navel and breast with my nose, pattered to her head.

- My thanks. - I said, lowering myself on top of her.

Reaching behind the pilow in search of my lost glasses she fished them from oblivion, placed them gently, circumnavigating the ears, back onto my face and lifting my chin with her palm she raised into a kiss.

- Greatest thanks. - she giggled.

- It`ll be easyer for me to overwork myself now. - I said.

- That`s what I thought, too.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

So, how am I today?

I love this feeling of not having to live up to anyone`s expectations. Including mine.

Friday, June 8, 2007


She tiptoed from darkness, gracefull as a cat. Light from the monitor reflected ih her eyes.


Without looking up, with semicircular lower leg motion I swept her of her feet and into my arms, entrapping her in my lap with one arm, licking her from clavicle to the ear, and carresing her flat stomach and erect nipples with the other arm.

- You know I am. - I said, permitting myself slight, crooked smile.

She removed my glasses and placed them ih her hair.

- You work too much. - she said, nibbling my shoulder.

- I`ll take a break for you.

- Lwnng brrwk.

- What have we said about talking with our mouth full?