Friday, July 17, 2015

Pet Project

I decided to grow herb garden on my balcony this summer.

Pet project.

My ex-husband,
however large the differences in our lifestyles that keep us firmly apart,
is a truly sharp creature when assesing my actions.
He once said - while in the midst of our separation - that this is just who I am;
I decide to direct effort into some project
and I move heaven and earth to make it happen.
I learn whatever there is to be learnt,
make whatever needs to be made,
create time for the task and apply myself with crazy dilligence not to let anything go unnoticed.
I make it my pet project...

"...just like you made our relationship your pet project..."

...and if the project does not comply to my standard I dismantle it just as diligently.

"...until no stone on stone remain."

Wouldn't he just throw a fit right now if he knew that some pet projects do get revisited.

I already dabbled some with potted herbs
but that was a half-hearted endeavor
and this time I plunged into realization with my full might.

Lo and behold:

Herb garden and herb inspector.

My space is limited and I limited the choice of herbs on ones that I would truly use for cooking so here are the fruits of about four weeks of efforts; few basils, rosemary, mint, sage, leafy parsley and some newly acquired hot peppers in the background.

Zvjezdica is pleased and so am I.
Only chives missing from the picture but are planned and there will be some soon.

Basils were already harvested (twice)...

Basil harvest in progress

 ... and pesto was made:

Sunflower pesto making, first take.
... and devoured in many, many ways; in pasta sauces, greek yougurt dips, salad dressings, slathered over breads and tortillas and eaten with the spoon right from the jar. Especially second batch - one that was made with walnuts. Yum.

There's something intoxicatingly wonderful in seeing your effort turn into results.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Falling Pieces

I took my new running shoes for a spin tonight;
night was calm, air cleansed by early rain.

I did not run for a week,
my hip still hurts sometimes, after being inflamed,
so I only cycled to add some diversity.
It helped.

Lately, I listen to Echo when I run,
Nothing's Carved in Stone album from 2011.
It is completely awesome
- almost meditative -
with prominent bassline and great, luscious rich arrangements
and crazy, wonderful, un-English lyrics in songs with English lyrics
peaking into magnifficent Chain Reaction in Japanese.

I love that one. I cannot but sing it.
It scares patrons at the bar I run by at that point. It is quite funny.

Half way into my chosen route I forget myself and repetitive pace takes over.
It is undescribable, unreal feeling.
Pure bliss.
When I come around all the tension of the day has drained out of me.
I run into my building, up the stairs, unlock my place and shed my running skin.

I love doing my streching naked and cats love sniffing news from soles of my shoes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Zagreb in Summer

I love Zagreb during summer
I love its clean, hot and powdery smell. I love its vibrant green in parks and meadows and dense pockets of shade emerging in the yellow gold of sunshine.
I love how the heat is intense and burning
and how the air shimmers to let you know this heat is no joke.

I love going to the store without a car and the rich yellow sun pouring over me like honey.

I walk slowly and breathe slowly and I drink double the water I usually do.
Coming to my dark and pleasantly cool lair I am both happy to feel the relief and pleasantly tingling with anticipation of yet another outside trip.

I yearn sex more during summer. I find it most sensual.

I wake up, get alive, speed up in the evening.
Spend my time outside, roaming the streets.
Swish of the wind and pervasive smell of hot tar coming off the asphalt is so inviting for a bike ride I do not even try to resist.

Running also changes;
it feels slow and I have to breathe a lot and huff and puff and I sometimes wish I had wet hat as soon as I exit my place for a run,
but soon my hair is wet from sweat and wind picks up near the railroad
and wind cools my head as I smile (and sometimes laugh from pure joy) and do some intervals.

Being happy in summer is easy.

People are usually annoyed from the heat and nervous so they keep out of the way so the city is free.
For me.