Thursday, November 20, 2008

Construction site

Through porotherm brick I saw the first snow slowly and fluffily cover the asphalt beneath the street light. It smelled like construction site should smell: it smelled of lime and of cement and of wet wood and of dust. Snow and intermittent breeze rustled the nylon fabric that covered the building from the outside.

You bit my lip muffling the sigh, legs wrapped around my waist, until the skin gave in and one large drop of blood rolled over your glistening breasts to the floor.

In slow motion.


Green irises glittered in the darkness staring into my eyes as I came, holding your buttocks in my palms.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm writing...

I sit by the fire watching the troglodyte shadows waver on cave walls.

Small pile of tears and shreds that used to be a rope laughs at me from the corner. As in a dream I touch them and let them fall from my hands flutteringly, hemplike.

I wake up crazed by fear that I'll forget how you look like.