Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BlogDay 2011

This year it seems that BlogDay had been eaten by oblivion. Even is sleeping un-updated.

I will not have it so here are my BlogDay 2011 recommendations:

Buntovnik Bez Akorda (

Brought to me by fickle information current this ridiculously clever person haunted by incessant injustice of the world with his caustic comments makes me laugh and cry at the same time. He writes in native Croatian.

Raptitude (

David writes about "Getting better at being human". Me being psychologist and also having abundant supply of bad experience causes that most of the research he writes about is already known but I don't mind. He is always well "spoken" (written actually :), deliberate, focused and, most importantly - optimistic. It may be that his outlook on human nature is a bit naive in its effort to see good in people but he is sweet and he makes me smile.


Food/science blog written by Aki Kamozawa & H. Alexander Talbot always full of beautiful photos and innovative and kooky ideas. If in need of fresh look on ingredients or cooking methods look no further: learn how to pair watermelon juice with bacon fat to produce hydrogenated watermelon-flavored cooking fat or how to add flavor to your dishes using flaked cured venison heart.

Miss Mags's I want to go to Faerie College (

This is "A blog by a 20-something hockey goalie, former-dentistry-now-economics student, book-nut, knitter, seamstress, affectionate hugger, vegetarian, dedicated movie-goer, lover of cold weather, elected bake-star of this residence, who wants to move to Canada." She takes wonderful photos, knits studiously and produces exquisite garments, writes fluent and easily-identifiable-with descriptions of her thoughts. She is someone I'd like to meet.

Grilled Cheese Social (

Brought to you by MacKenzie Smith this is a treasure trove for all (grilled cheese) sandwich lovers among us. Her recipes shine joie de vivre and fun and enjoyment, her photos cause my mouth water even right after a meal. Snack, dinner or dessert – you can find them all here.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hard at work

It has been exhausting few days of blistering heat, 37degrees celsius in the shade, nights devoid of any wind. Nevertheless, mornings are beautiful albeit hot, wonderfuly lighted by honey-yellow sun and opened by distant thunder of vacationer cars roaring through highway. My back is slowly healing. I work out in the evening slowly and carefully but steadfast in my decision to continue with this practice. I get up early every morning to witness sunrise and have some time before work to spend outside of after-vacation-madhouse.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

S&G muffins

As my painful back saga continues I woke up waaay too early again and decided to make myself useful by making some gourmet breakfast for the entire household. Lovely muffins pictured above are final result of this way of thinking. For muffin basis this time I used leavened dough with yeast, one that I would normally use for bread, buns or pizza crust. It was one third maize, two thirds plain white flour with linseed and sunflower seeds for extra earthiness. To once raised dough I added a bit of warm water to make it softer and salami and Gorgonzola bits. Immediately divided into muffin portions in my silicone baking 'tin' they were raised again for 15 minutes in warm oven and than baked for about 20 minutes at 200 Celsius with small pan of water in bottom of the oven to keep pastries moister. Puffed, golden and with wonderful cheese bubbling on top they were quickly devoured with homegrown vegetable salad and some fresh yogurt drink.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I have somehow managed to hurt my back badly and the pain is so severe I wake up on the verge of tears. By now, being all grown up and having medical education, I know it will eventually heal, being minded with medication and rest, but pain always makes me more pensive. I watched Death Note finale last night and cannot but feel dissapointed in a way. Not in the show itself, but dissapointed in the way Light dissolved into nothingness after L's death. I loved how the writters made his nihilism/despair tangible. How it shows that no God can ascend above what's human. His eventual downfall evolved not from his godly resolve and his brillant intelect but from innate and ultimate sadness of human condition - loneliness.

Friday, August 19, 2011

New skill - felting

Some time ago I ordered pompon maker set from e-bay as it seemed like a nice thing to have considering I can never find such things in local shops. So when that cute parcel greeted me on our return from the seaside vacation I had to try and make some pompons right away. Right after my offspringess witnessed the making of first pompon she immediately wished for a toy made of pompon and adorned with eyes, ears and nose - to make it seem dog or cat like. So we went to hobby-shop downtown to buy some eyes but they didn't have any. Faced with a prospect of dissapointed child I bought some felting supplies and endeavored to make some body parts on my own. And now we have this cute kitten to show to you and to play with.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cupboard Organization

We have just talked via phone.

And I know you know... and that you would prefer me screaming and explaining and losing my mind over fruitless argument...

But what you got is; "OK" and faked telephone smile folowed by; "Take care and we'll se you soon."

And you know if I yelled I'd discharge and take pleasure in winning the fight rather than winning the war.

And you know this way that what you've done - that thing we're NOT fighting over - is not getting dealt with and forgotten, it is just being stored in cupboard with other minuses and when the cupboard will be full - we will just be over.


This is how I deal with things and I'm not ashamed of it... anymore.

It could be argued that this is malevolent and vengeful strategy but it is neither.

Not forgetting does not equal not forgiving. It is just that "forgiving and forgetting" is a sign of a feeble mind, mind unable to learn from experience.

Some people fill cupboards slowly, some quickly. I myself acknowledge my cupboard-filling property as quite fast at times. But what describes me most accurately - not just in personal relations but work and life in general - is relentless effort to be as good as I can and to do it in the most personalised, continually monitored and adjustment-making way.

So, if I am continually directing conscious, willing effort into being the best for someone - it would be unjust and patronizing (or downright insulting) not to expect similar treatment back. It is not question of your ability, it is question of your willingness.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holiday knit

I've finished tiny version of my favourite tote for my offspringess and we went to the village to fill it with morning assortment of buns and bagels. She loves the colors and design and tells me that 'the most impotrant thing is that it can be so easily twirled around streched arm when empty'. Than I take buns out and make breakfast and she runs around twirling it :~)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bear's New Clothes

Here is our resident bear sitting on yarn filled Living green tote in his new fuchsia-color boucle top. I got this yarn few months ago and have not managed to make anything from it since but I am hoping to persuade my offspringess to wish for and wear something made from it so I'm using bear clothes as example. This top was made using size 2,5 bamboo needles, all in one piece with just two side seams.