Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where We Come From

I often repeat, both here in my secret corner and in my non-electronic lamentations, that there is beauty in everything. Like this here sun and the sky and the 'skyscraper' outline in yesterdays photo. Not only do I say that, I actually mean it after I have considered the fact I might be 'full of it' as they say. I am also just coming to terms with realization that not everyone has the same luxury of being able to consider one owns' truthfulness in front of ones' self. I have just watched House MD S06E19 and the question lingers in the air; interpretations being our facts and our facts being maps we steer our life by are there really wrong choices at all?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lake Placid

On Monday I read David's Raptitude post "Never forget your rights" which is beautiful, concise and idealistic and on Tuesday I met a guy who preaches this atittude in day-to-day practical issues. It was wonderful and heartbreaking to watch him speak, sharp as a razor yet reducing efficiency to absurdity.

We are not all somehow "supposed" to be free, or intelligent, or capable, or verbal, or anything. We can or cannot be those things but we are not supposed to be one way or the other.

Oogvay says: "Ah, Shifu. There is just news. There is no good or bad."

Nietzsche says: "There are no facts, just interpretations."

Sometimes every person wants to believe (some more than others) that there is benignity, wisdom and adequacy in other people but sometimes it just isn't there. Sometimes we all want to believe that the person we're talking to is hearing us and understanding what we're saying but this may be wishful thinking.

We should finally learn that we should not impel fishes to fly. Fishes may live better swimming. We may get along with fishes better if we help them to swim instead to fly.

To help others search is admirable, to help every person become the most they could be is valuable - but we should not presuppose people are meant to be what we would like them to be. Sometimes the most you can do for another person is to leave them alone. To let them be what/how THEY think they should be.

"My freedom to wave my arms around me stops at the point where your nose begins.", somebody said once.

Everyone should have the same right to be free - and not only to choose between being free or not but also to choose not to choose - to take life as it comes to them, smart and stupid alike.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wet Dandelion

Lately my workday is so hectic that it feels I've been living two lives at the same time. It is very gratifying feeling so efficient and that gives me real pleasure but it also leaves me kinda deflated and rained upon in other part of my day. Looking at this great photo from few days ago I thought just that; how underneath I still feel interested, perky and able - transparent and beautiful - but the truth is that this final layer of water/work leaves me unusable and non-functional. But nevertheless feeling beautiful what feels like a good thing after all. (I still wonder if dandelions have any other chores besides feeling beautiful all day long.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oil Painted House

I'm just sitting in my car in front of the house where my ofspringess is recording her debut song with her scene troupe. It is raining heavily and I thouhgt that sitting in the car with a book would be a great procpect. But, as it turned out, looking through rain covered windows is greater still; the world seems to be melting and remodeling with every droplet of rain, house closest to my windshield is turning into impressionist oil painting. World is truly a wonderful, heartwarming place, beauty and wonder always just one glance away.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Daisy And Her Boyfriends

There is always something inherently funny with the Universe if you know where to look. Or how. I, for instance, for the longest time could not fathom why people stick their nose into somebody else's choice of intimate relationships style. Why wouldn't consenting aduls choose to share their life and resources with any number and gender of other consenting adults? Why wouldn't there be Daisies and her boyfriends (Marque song reference) as a common, non-interest-provoking fact? As I'm no stranger to evolutionary and social psychology and also acknowledge political and cultural norms that societies perpetuate this 'lack of understanding' does not really stem from the ignorance about societal rules. I just could not grant justification to this situation as understandable and acceptable status quo. And here I am today, many relationships, one divorce and relationship research paper later, struck by epiphany... Things are just what they are, just what they look like. Most of the people are too lazy, too overworked, too overbearing, too simpleminded or too frightened to consider living in such nonconformity with the world.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dreams To Forget

I went to see my friend perform tonight. She is aspiring singer-songwriter still searching for her true voice. Sitting there trying to look relaxed and spontaneus I kept thinking about dreams; are there unfit or unworthy dreams? Do we weave them or do they sculpt us? Is there a time we should give up on wanting to change ourselves so that change would stop threatening our intimates or is their reluctance to accept change just another sign of disrespect? Should the timid seize given chances in unlikely times of courage or should there be dreams that came to existence just to be forgotten, supressed, cast away?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Road to Satisfaction

Today is my first day at work after my broken-elbow-sick-leave. I usually sleep poorly every time I have to change my morning routine and especially so when starting something or before travels. This time it did not happen. I slept great, had educational and pleasant dreams and woke up rested and contented. Ever since I started reading Raptitude (link in box on the right) I've became more attentive for ' personal development' milestones I have already passed. Well it is about time to start enjoying all the effort already spent.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rain Rose

It was wonderful rainy day in Zagreb today. There was a bit of sun, puffy marshmallow clouds heavy with rain, air saturated with salubriuos freshness. We went for a walk in late afternoon where I took bunch of stunning pictures which I will most likely use here in next few days. The walk was nice, relaxing and gratifying both and I liked it very much. Driving home I kept thinking how Charlie Crews keeps trying to stay in the present (in Life pilot) and keeps failing to do so. Actually, once you've been sensitized to keeping track of staying in experience just happening it soon proves to be quite difficult task. It seems we always strive not to be in the present; thinking, planning, revisiting... conquering some invisible imminent experience foes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eye of The Spider

I'm lying in bed now, more dissapointed than angry, contenplating intricacies of human condition. Little (actually pretty big, truth be told) guy in the photo was caught frolicking round my room so I used this opportunity to admire him, take bunch of his pictures and finally to kick him out. Allthough I made every effort to gently catch him and to transfer him into yard it didn't really turn out as I planned and I fear I had broken his leg. That got me thinking (after managing the guilt part, of course) of how we are atrociously overweening in taking things for granted. If somebody broke my arm I'd say:'Oh. well...' and get it fixed in a flash. But my recent roommate will probably get eaten because of it, broken limb being such a hinderance and all.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flowering May

Normally I pretend I do not have time for nature walks so they would misteriously miss me, but this April I broke my elbow so there are no useful chores I could hide behind. As always, nature is beautiful and serene, full of life and colour. Hardly out of my own yard and already endeared by experience.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quenching One's Thirst

I never realised that people dump so much precious time into partner search. For the last week I have been attending Zedno Uho festival at SC in Zagreb and I have an unparallel opportunity to observe, among other things, mate searching behaviors. Since the festival is invisioned in such a way that many different music genre are represented through its course and consequentially lot of different subcultures mingle through SC during festivals five-day-course there surely is much to observe.