Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunlit Woods

Another educational and socially unpleasant day is behind us. To harmonize unpleasantness levels in all available social interaction fields we went for a brief walk in the woods around Glavica. I wish I had some brain implants that could play new Oceansize album to me in times of trouble, I like very much what it does for my psychological homeostasis.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Candied Hedge

Today Zagreb woke up covered in hoarfrost and lit by beautifuly yellow sun. I am really tired this week from all the travel, stress, business engagements and various obligations I had to see fulfilled so I'm very pleased with world's daily display of beauty which in turn makes me less nervous. Sometimes I wish I was less of a diplomat and more of a epicurean.

Bark Dlue

I traveled to Rijeka and back today through snow-covered Delnice. I was a bit shocked by the amount of snow there but also dazzled by its beauty. I had to get up really early and when I woke up I remembered I had a great dream just before I woke up, but I couldn't remember what it was about. After a while, when we arrived to Rijeka, it all came back; in this dream my friend and I came to Rijeka and met with some people which we did not know. We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit and then the people we met told us they would accompany us to where we were supposed to go. We started walking through some derelict buildings and passageways and eventually we got to a kind of half-open space with couple of iron gates in various directions. In a few moments it became obvious that it is some kind of zoo, with animals behind every gate. I stayed close to my "guide" but some of the other people were entering the habitats and petting the animals. As all of the animals were big and fierce - lions and tigers and other kinds of wild animals - I was very surprised and confused why is everyone so brave and eager to go into pens and touch the animals. My guide, who was a handsome guy I was sure I never met before, was trying to encourage me to go in and play with the animals so I got into one pen and after a quick moment one dark blue velvet lion with beautiful dark blue sparkly mane came running to cuddle with me. He was warm and soft and dark blue and cuddly and very beautiful and I hugged him and ran fingers through his mane still wondering how come everyone is so brave to be playing with wild animals and then I realised all of the animals had shoes on. They were all just dressed up people. I woke up wondering how true could this be - are we really so consumed in our interpretations and expectations so not to see something so revealing as pretense? I liked the dream very much and I can still remember the softness and sparkling beauty of my lion's dark blue mane.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Weather for Toadstools

I went for a walk on Sunday with some friends and shot some great photos of various mushrooms. It is already visible that the pace is slowing down, bringing natural year to its end. Soon there will be time for rest and stagnation so the ball could roll yet again next spring. Air is humid and food for mushrooms plentiful so they thrive in their exquisite beauty. It brings me great joy to acknowledge the functionality of nature; nothing is wasted and there is beauty in every process - circle of life always spinning between matter and energy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why would you want to get rid of this?

First time I laid eyes on Gabriel Gray working in his shop I thought: “Oh, my God – it’s Jeremy Clockson!!!” in utter astonishment. Never mind the fact that neither Gabriel nor Zachary could walk around being unnoticed - being far too beautiful to walk around unnoticed – but the scene from Heroes corresponded so well with what my mind has concocted for Thief of Time scene. And then he said, looking at Davis just like a watchmaker would while looking at a clock: “You’re broken…. I can fix it.” yet in that moment he surely could not.

Later on I thought about this often, feverishly, urgently – half engulfed in hectic exploration and half paralyzed with fear of what this discovery could reveal.

“But they are so different”, – my mind would echo – “one so devoid of passion and the other desire incarnate.”

And I know how it feels to yearn far over the threshold of physical pain. I seldom yearn for things so but rarer still do I comply with my yearning. Things break, and people fall apart when such desires get a chance to be satiated. But we live and learn – no such knowledge comes effortlessly nor does God pay every Saturday, as my grandma would say.

Still I had to search for the answer to this conundrum and just now I feel I could be on to something.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Malfunction Detected

Today I woke up feeling as a broken down robot. Hydraulics fucked up. Leaking coolant. Overheated. Driver update needed. I barely managed to gather myself enough to start driving to work across town when I noticed that discomfort in my neck is not going to go away purely by yielding to my willpower but that it is going to transform into full-blown torticollis and that really pissed me off. And than... I drove out of the milky fog and into beautifully sun lit Sestine basking in most wonderful autumn morning ever. That substantially improved even broken robot's today.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Road Trip to Dobova

I generaly leave the impression of confident high achiever but the truth is that I do not really like having to do everything myself. I would, now and then, appreciate having some help in daily and not so daily issues - just like having tires changed. Today I went to Slovenia to treat my loving vehicle with some new winter tires. I tried to dissolve my stress of having to plan and execute everything myself with some humor and citrus fruit but I proved to be notoriously hard to fool. Nevertheless, good people of Furlan auto service were extremely nice and it was a real pleasure to deal with them and at the same time save a pretty penny shopping there. Also I had a good time going through customs, which is always a good thing. I even got a new stamp in my passport.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Crimson Creed

Autumn is definitely here with crazy coloured leaves and stench of pensiveness in the air... How is it, actually, that people forget the experience of feeling of being in love? The warmth, smell, the feel of it? Rewarding nature of it? Vivaciousness that stems from it? All that time and effort and resources trown away on partner search just to rutinize, scrutinize and impotenize once the search ends. Suddenly security spells uneventiveness and routine justifies negligence.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Man Zero and Kelly Meickle at Kset

Monday night this week was reserved for Kset and Man Zero returning from their Balkan tour. Visibly exhausted but pleased with new experiences gathered playing on this tour thay have rounded up this experience with exquisite performance at home field in Zagreb.

For this occasion, small bend from Đurđevac, Kelly Meickle, opened the concert evening with actually ashtonishingly well played gig. What they lacked in showmanship they have surely substituted in enthusiasm and goodwill. I especially liked singer's impeccable pronunciation which heightened their act to almost professional level.

Man Zero followed shortly after and they were amazing. Meticulously over-rehearsed and wonderfully adjusted soundwise they absolutely owned the crowd. It was difficult to remove eyes from their act; someone always moving around, performers switching guitars, adjusting and readjusting ton of switches so seamlessly and well rehersed that it almost seemed efortless. It was a celebration of functionality in itself. Their music, on the other hand, was perfect - live, vibrant and satiated with mental imagery. In their performance they had all the pomposity of let's say - Battles (think Tonto) along with crystal clarity of melody and sound of If These Trees Could Talk (think Above the Earth - Below the Sky). It was a revelry of sound that left me dream-filled and pleased to infinity.