Monday, November 12, 2007


Maybe it is because "I don`t understand that"
and maybe that really rises from perpetual knurd I`m usually blamed for,
but when I find myself in conditions of listening people mull over past events

- of the "faceless trivia"category -

with irrefutable love that they don`t give even to their firstborn,
and all I see is just light stroll through the past,
microcosm of history,

rummaging through old closet full of Nostalgia`s pungent stench, reekage far more potent than dampness and mustiness,

I really cannot think of what to say
because we all know for a longest time that occurences are always more beautiful
looked upon backward from safe distances
or distant safety,
and they still go and act delighted
like morons that do not see that their infatuation with "then" is destroying their life now.

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