Monday, July 12, 2010

Divorce Day

And here I am now, sipping coffee behind Family Court in Zagreb, seemingly placid on the outside, waiting for court session to start. It has been two long years now, filled with anguish and resentment, learning and search for understanding. Sometimes people say that after such a excrutiating experience that they feel a different person alltogether. Sometimes they're smarter, or calmer, or beter tacticians. I can say that this is all true and also not true. Perspective has changed and time has passed but nothing has changed substantially - I believed in my words and actions then, and also believe in them now, I don't feel I have misslead anybody and I don't harbor any resentment for trust spent in this relationship. Formal part of this relationship may be over today but personal part - love, trust, togetherness - that was all gone long before formalities were questioned.

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