Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Right to the very end... you never did what was expected from you.

I've been very sad lately. Year has actually been very good - lot of progress, promotions, things going in the desired directions so this apparent backtrod in the last remaining weeks of the year weighs heavily on my heart. Still no mail from the Family court (waiting for court ruling in my divorce case since early October), bumps on the road to graduation, superficiality of the relationships around (containing) me.


Yesterday my offspringess and I watched Ulquiorra as he was claimed by the wind and the despair. We were both crying our eyes out not despondently and engulfed in expectedness but full of hurt and questions and acuteness.

How? Why? Couldn't have anything been done to ... to ... what? Soften the blow I presume.


Kokoro e ikimasu.

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