Friday, February 18, 2011

Man Zero in MM center 16Feb2011

Last night guys from Man Zero gave great performance at MM center in Zagreb. This is one exeptional and intimate space, where performers and listeners are put in very cosy environment and I liked the feeling of almost participating in performance by being so close. Watching their act and being so close I kept noticing little details that I do not usually have chance to notice; idiosyncrasies possibly revealing person and performer both. So the drummer was playing enthralled, making lots of facial expressions and mannirisms and extra movements and almost communications that it looked like there is another performance alltogether going on inside him, as if he was that way making visible only the tip of the performance iceberg. I was so reminded, from individual to archetype, how impossible it is to truly share an experience. To make visible all constitutes of playing or constructing something or orgasming.

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