Sunday, April 24, 2011

There's no sweeter smell to trigger existential crisis then the smell of basket of Easter offerings

When I was a little girl I was as revolted with religious practice as I am today, the times between just added quite a bit of understanding to my starting flabbergastedness. It just grew from: "What do boiled eggs and spring onions have to do with resurrection?" to "You do understand that this is a mangod who celebratory walked into the city not ten days ago to be hideously murdered in the name of local politics?". Today I am openly non religious person who believes everyone is entitled to his own personal beliefs and I live with highly religious people who don't give a rats' ass for understanding. I am sometimes, just like today, tired of unilateral tolerance and I would sometimes love to have a day off from the incessant fight to protect my right to have an opinion. I would sometimes love to have just one conversationalist that I could agree to disagree with. Why is this so much to ask for?

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