Friday, May 13, 2011

Mercury Rev at Tvornica

That was one wonderful concert last night at Tvornica in Zagreb. Mercury Rev were in high spirits and the crowd pleased to see them play. I danced and danced and danced and smiled and smiled and smiled. I was so tired and so distressed I can hardly remember when I felt so low and the performance was so beautiful it was giving me pleasure chills. I overdressed for the occassion and I wore shoes so high-heeled that I towered almost all women and many of men there and I was noticed. I wished I could dance and smile and drink 'till I go blind and forget all that ails me but as I am all grown-up now I didn't do that in the end. And then there was Snowflake in a hot world and then there was Senses on fire and then I almost felt as my old and hedonistic self and my faith that all will be well was restored. Going home, I took off my shoes and felt the road and stones and gravel beneath my feet as Zagreb slept and scent of cut grass covered every nook and cranny of my soul.

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