Monday, March 24, 2014


In the morning, when I drive to work I notice that there are new leaves on the trees. Yesterday there were none and now they are here, buds turning to leaves. I smile and I greet them.

Talking to a friend I notice his choice of words has changed when speaking about a person he is in a relationship with. He speaks in short sentences, accentuating his role in daily happenings, leaving out the details that are not exclusively his doing or interest. I do not meddle but make a mental note of it to get back to if needed in the future.

Our actions mark the passage of time, not our thoughts.

Like drops in a stream thoughts flow by, emerging and diving under, unhindered by daily happenings and are lost if there is no decision to make them permanent; to weigh, to assign value, to label as truth.

Not all thoughts labeled truth are in accordance with objective state of affairs nor is the context we measure them against irrelevant, but also, down below, what we humans actually are is creatures of habit.

What we perceive as truth and how we weigh it becomes the thing that defines us and determines actions that mark the passage of time.

I make a point of noticing and if I could be blind for changes my life would be different.

But I make a point of noticing so it always comes bitter with the sweet. That is as good a taste as any, it’s only the preference that makes us sad.

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