Sunday, February 8, 2015

Svemir Tako Jako album promotion @ Klub. 30Jan2015

On Friday night 30Jan2015 I went to see my friend Zvonka and her band Svemir promote their latest album Tako jako at Klub. in downtown Zagreb.

I wrote about Zvonka before on this blog (several times) and in the meantime her story only got more awesome and her music more rounded and complex. The band also helped to polish the sound into something that is much, much more than the sum of its parts. They played a lot of gigs, wrote a lot of songs, had their promo pictures taken (and they are beautiful) and have talked with press and made playlists for music portals.

As I had theatre tickets for same date I came to Klub just as warmup act was wrapping up. Lots of familiar faces nodded in recognition while I was walking through the crowd. Turning corner to the stage I was intercepted by Zvonka's tight hug and words whispered into my ear:"I cannot speak!". We exchanged glances and her sparkling eyes spoke for her, of the excitement and happiness.

No words were necessary.

I went and bought myself dark blue Svemir T-shirt from the merch stand. Talked some with her offspringess. Found myself a nice spot in front of the stage.

Band was adjusting finally for the performance.

Matko, Ivana, San, Saša and Zvonka. How to draw the line between them being preforming musicians and them being dear friends?

No line can be drawn.

There was San's girlfriend few steps from me in the audience, gazing at him proudly. Shitload of "true fans" trembling with excitement. Group of professional photographers working their magic.

Music just started pouring out of Svemir and into us, filling up every nook and cranny. Klub. sound guy outdid himself, again. Music was warm and organic and it felt and sounded absolutely awesome. I can see that, as time goes by, I am growing more and more fond of their sound and their sound also drifts closer and closer to the style that I prefer.

I listened and I danced. My insides tingled with pleasure and my mind with feeling of pride with Zvonka and all her story means to me. In the audience I saw her partner, dressed very smartly and glowing with love and pride. We shake hands without words through the crowd and we nod and we know we share this admiration for Zvonka, there on the stage.

Zvonka talks a little in between songs and we hear that Hladne Ruke (Cold hands) carries a pro-social message and we're often swept away by energy of their performance. Songs feel alive, much more so then on the studio recordings as even the songs I heard many times before carry a kind of sound evolution in them, constantly changing and being re-arranged to fit into their evolving musical landscape.

They call guests to the stage and Nikola and later Žaki deliver hard and true. It is tough not to see both love and practical benefit of caring for other performers on current Zagreb scene. I'm always so smitten with Zvonka's street-smart networking ability.

My feet hurt and I realize I'm already too long in too high a heel to be bouncing in them in the front row so I go back and find myself a place to take the weight off my toes. Performance is slowly approaching the end and I hear two of my old favourites plasantly situated in the darkness of the den. I admire the sound guy, still bouncing up and down through the crowd, adjusting, smoothing, rounding the edges. Audience shifts to and fro carrying full drink cups and full bladders and the sound is staying beautiful and crisp.

They play Prašina and they play Ne sjećam se kiše and I mouth the words absentmindedly with eyes wet with tears. There is so much in this music; there is... years of living, of feeling, of fierce and unforgiving battles and so much licking the wounds healed.

So many victories.

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