Monday, September 25, 2017

Recurring dream

Uncannily similar fashion statement found on
Part 1 of TBD

Lately, I have this recurring dream
that I'm paired up with a much younger man.

It begun few months ago and the dream was so vibrant I had to write it down:  

I had a dream that I am married to a much younger, extremely attractive man. 

We live together but - as it is the rule and not an exception for a very long time already - I am clearly completely ignoring him. At times, in the comfort of my own mind, I admire his beauty and, when lifting my head from some imminent task, I catch him watching me across the room, half longingly and half disapprovingly. Day turns into another day and at long last we find ourselves brought quite close to each other following some unknown chain of events. He is beautiful, gracious and extremely well dressed; wearing beige formal pants and pale purple shirt. 

I'm standing next to him, looking straight at his face and I'm asking: 

"Are you moving out?", 

and he shakes his head, looks at me defiantly, with a smile, and snuggles closer to me.

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