Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Went out Saturday night.

My usual scheme these days is:
- to attend some event purposely
- not to ask for company for specific attendance but to go alone
- to come just before the event, to minimize idleness (also mingling)
- to have just 1-2 drinks while there
- to leave as soon as the event ends

Yes, it is just as cautious as it sounds.
I’d rather err on the side of caution than on the side of having to explain my unwillingness to share.
Not that I mind explaining, it is just people being offended by explanations.

But Saturday night bucked
so I got summoned
to share some drinks and some words
before everything I had planned
so I idled
and I drank
and felt just like sarariman let loose from his noose
and it felt fuckin’ great.

I’m truly sure I was a pain in the butt
But it felt as good AF
And it took me two days to come to
Since being in venues that allow smoking gives me the worst hangover
But it freed me from myself
And from this overbearing need to control

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