Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Day 2009

Blog Day 2009

As some of you maybe already suspect, I am an avid blog reader and there are new discoveries happening every day in my world of sticking-my-nose-into-another-people's-business. So, competition for top five is cutthroat, by all means imaginable. And this years selection of the blogs I want you to visit and worship is following:


Some of you maybe remember this "Brilliantly intelligent, stunningly cool guy." from my Blog Day post last year (others can refresh their memory here). In the meantime, Gerald has only become more focused and determined which, in turn, I'd say betters this e-world by adding more of his wit into it. As you may come to notice davaidavai is also a window into great world of internet socializing and exchange of ideas through other social networking services like twitter, facebook and the such.

Crazy Aunt Purl

It must have been divine providence, me finding her blog in times like these. Funny, eloquent and approachable, southernness living in LA, always fresh and inspiring. And also, she knits! What more can a person ask for from a caretaker deity.... Or famous selp-help book author :-)


Brilliant photographer and even better craftswoman, this wife and mother transplanted from Germany to Japan always makes me want to strive for more, for better, for nicer. She also has great Flickr gallery that I immensely enjoy visiting.


Fun guy that I also had pleasure of meeting in person. Has uncanny ability to open shortcuts into my subconscious sharing his playfulness and weird insight what most often feels like poking my flaws with a sharp stick. I love it.


My absolutely favorite music blog. Also one of the most beautiful and functionally built WebPages, and last but not least - another window into social networking scene.

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