Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beast of burden

There are only so many things I can imagine myself saying to the person I loved at some point and most of them consist of: "good bye, good luck, take care, I wish things turned out less stressful" and such. When unreasonably and deviously provoked I tend to resolve things peacefuly to a point and then I just fall through and stupidly insult. And instantly I feel bad about that and am angry with myself because that just isn't what I think. As a matter of fact I realize the ruse in provocation directed at proving (unflattering and hurtful) expectations. I understand how that would be consistency-strenghtening strategy and how this is beneficial to persons' psychological well-being but nevetheless I do not understand how can this be preferable to admiting that relationships change and allthough changes aren't always pleasant we could aspire to be. There will be better fits for all of us and hate and disrespect only produce more of hate and disrespect. The only person that will most definitely be with us forever is our own self. Any and all others are optional. So why to burden one's self with hate?

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