Sunday, December 6, 2009

My House

I watch House when I am unwell. It soothes me and stops me from making rash and irreversible decisions. There are moments in which I feel I am not going to make it and watching House somehow buffers that feeling and makes me more patient, more resilient. It is not really the show that helps me - it is the notion that somewhere out there may be people understanding and going through the same shit... Same exotic and hard to explain shit.

I have been reading Laozi's The Tao Teh King lately and it also seems to help.

As I see it and also as Laozi has seen it, so it seems, there is a very fine line between to help and to hinder, release to freedom and tear asunder...and that fine line not being a line at all but a mirage, a rock, an omnipresence.

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