Friday, May 14, 2010

Daisy And Her Boyfriends

There is always something inherently funny with the Universe if you know where to look. Or how. I, for instance, for the longest time could not fathom why people stick their nose into somebody else's choice of intimate relationships style. Why wouldn't consenting aduls choose to share their life and resources with any number and gender of other consenting adults? Why wouldn't there be Daisies and her boyfriends (Marque song reference) as a common, non-interest-provoking fact? As I'm no stranger to evolutionary and social psychology and also acknowledge political and cultural norms that societies perpetuate this 'lack of understanding' does not really stem from the ignorance about societal rules. I just could not grant justification to this situation as understandable and acceptable status quo. And here I am today, many relationships, one divorce and relationship research paper later, struck by epiphany... Things are just what they are, just what they look like. Most of the people are too lazy, too overworked, too overbearing, too simpleminded or too frightened to consider living in such nonconformity with the world.

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