Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eye of The Spider

I'm lying in bed now, more dissapointed than angry, contenplating intricacies of human condition. Little (actually pretty big, truth be told) guy in the photo was caught frolicking round my room so I used this opportunity to admire him, take bunch of his pictures and finally to kick him out. Allthough I made every effort to gently catch him and to transfer him into yard it didn't really turn out as I planned and I fear I had broken his leg. That got me thinking (after managing the guilt part, of course) of how we are atrociously overweening in taking things for granted. If somebody broke my arm I'd say:'Oh. well...' and get it fixed in a flash. But my recent roommate will probably get eaten because of it, broken limb being such a hinderance and all.

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