Friday, July 22, 2011

Boris at Močvara 21Jul2011

When I started learning Japanese I arranged my studies around things I love - manga, anime, music - in hopes to simplify stimuli accessibility by motivational added value and I am daily assured that it was a clairvoyant and highly pleasurable thing to do. One of the things found during my Japanese language quest is my fast evolving knowledge about Japanese music. One of the things I love the most and actually respect the most also is the fact that Japanese musicians do not let themselves be limited by genre and style - they all seem to strive toward technical mastery all the while using opening genre-transcending opportunities to better their knowledge. Boris also rises from this fine tradition and this was the shining light that led us through Boris concert at Močvara last night. They were wonderful and shining example of myriad of intertwined concepts;

they showed lightness in their playing that can only stem from confident mastery

they effortlessly traveled between styles while remaining true to their sound

they seemed to enjoy themselves all the while not forgetting that entertainment is their business


they gave full-blooded, lustrous performance simultaneously staying in the spirit of ordered minimalism.

I am pleased and I am impressed, both musically and experientially.

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