Thursday, March 1, 2012

MOCP Day 29 - Your Latest FO

My latest FO is this cabled cotton sock. I got it on my foot for this picture but it will be worn by someone with foot 1 size smaller than mine and in dire need of looslely cast off socks.

Bottom-up, 2x12 stitches cast using Judy's magic cast-on, grown to 56 alltogether and worked in small mock-cables and one simple cable for the middle of front. 2 stitches added for gusset on each side of front panel so the pattern can be worked for back of the leg also (58 alltogether on leg part). Short row heel.

2x2 rib on the top of the sock cast off very loosely, adding one extra loop on the end each knit side rib.

Kinda looks like ruffles on top. I like that.

I think I'll make myself a pair after I finish beautiful Filigree Hat from this week's CEY Webletter.

And with this A Month of Craft Photos is over. Go to this Flickr pool and see all the treasures that have risen from this wonderful idea.

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