Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To Greet a Friend - Pozdrav Azri @Tvornica 25Jan2013

Few days ago I went to see Pozdrav Azri at Tvornica.

Years ago, when I listened to Azra songs on late night drunken singalongs I remember loving the songs, funny and frivolous and yet also insightful and poetic, and in the same time hating the singer's pompous, condescending tone that always ruined the stories with his "better then thou" standpoint.

There was none of that condescending pompousness here on Pozdrav Azri show.

There was just joy and camaraderie and pleasure. Leiner & Hrnjak, members of original Azra lineup and bunch of their friends, guests, were singing and playing with them. There were people in the audience that surely do not go clubbing anymore but they came here to taste their youth again. People (including me) knew lyrics by heart and song came out of our memories dragging finest moments of our lives along: friendship, openness of heart, naivety.

But for one old snoop like me, there was pleasure inside pleasure - kind of like having my cake and eating it too moment - to ease some serenity into my heart of hearts. A friend got me into backstage and as you could imagine it was a treasure trove for observer and ambience soaker like me. There was everything to be seen and heard and smiled upon and at.

What I loved the most was seeing Corto transform for stage. As he was to sing a few songs he came early to prepare and he seemed just a normal next-door-like guy. He came in with his bag, looked around a bit inconspicuously, mingled some and greeted friends. Few moments before he would go onstage he made some quick adjustments to his outfit and his hair, he pulled himself to his full height and as the announcement boomed through the crowd he stepped into the spotlight a different man - sexy, aggressive, confident, macho. From guy next door into performer in stunning one-step transformation. It was exhilarating and surprising experience, Mr.Jackill and Dr. Hide moment.

Those are the moments music especially well serves me with and moments in which I fall in love with the world, against my better judgement. Those are moments that inspire me to search and to endure, to lose, to listen, to see, to write, to climb and to cry and to want to try to be a better human being.

And it was a moment brought upon by unexpected kindness of a friend. Thank you Ari, you are the best!

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