Monday, July 15, 2013

Use of Music in Mental Architecture

Since time is short and I have giant bundle of different interests I’m always on the lookout for raising my efficacy standard and streamlining information sources so I can check many things with as little time spent as possible.

So this is my latest and most glorious find: Stereofox!

Stereofox is music portal by music lovers and enthusiasts covering sizeable span of genres but in concise and down-to-the point manner, not spamming the audience with excess multimedia but giving the opportunity to taste the recommendations simply and immediately. Since my first and foremost love is Post-rock here I have found a kindred spirit in “ivo” whose recommendations and preferences I came to trust immensely as well as enjoy his personal remarks.

Another thing I love about Stereofox is social media side that they keep up-to date and interesting all the while not being overwhelmingly affluent.

Some time ago I listened through Stereofox Collective Post-rock vol 1 and I fell madly in love with Mental Architects.

Photo taken from Mental Architects page

Celebrations is so great an album I’ve listened to it every single day since I discovered it here on Stereofox on June 4th. For me this is the spiritual successor to Mirrored by Battles because I could not stomach Gloss Drop and there just was not math rock I liked since Mirrored even with all my beloved Japanese post-rockers counted in. So this is like a ointment for my hurt and battered soul lately; it holds just enough predictability (being MATH rock) so technically is in a way “anticipated” (as opposed to stressful by means of surprise) and also enough imagination to cross the threshold into experience that transcends auditory and uses emotional to build visual, sensuous, visceral.

My favorite song from the album is Once Again We Meet At Last and Mental Architects also have beautiful new video you can check here on YouTube:

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