Monday, September 29, 2014

Modoc - Runnin'

Recently I've been in kind of laissez faire mood
benevolent noniterference
passionate enjoyment of things and concepts
crazy amount of book-reading
and falling head-over-heels in love with a song Runnin' by Modoc.

"I don't feel like letting go
But I can't keep holdin' on to a feelin'
If we don't try we'll never know
Rather die than be alone and cheated.

What I love most in this song
is how I can directly relate to the feeling just as presented...

"But don't you ever want to make believe
That you and I were always meant to be, honey
How can I pretend you even care
And do you even notice that I'm there, honey"

... relationship starting from subjective wish and trying to find some common ground while at the same time giving other person this special treatment shown in a way of calling them "honey" even before any common ground is ascertained.

I just love how he sings it; "honey"
kinda yearning, but also sarcastic sans bitterness.
I can imagine some extremely good sex ensuing after this fore(play)word.

And I love how this song uses running as a metaphor for "working mode" rather than escape.

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