Thursday, October 2, 2014

Return of The Running Mojo

Last week I started to run again after my pneumonia break.

When I was ill I was just too sick and exhausted to move and later on I decided to slowly pick up the pace, first by taking long walks and working out at home (strength and cardio, mostly 15-minute HIIT trainings) and last week I felt strong enough to go on a “real run”.
I have also changed eating habits some, by trying to eat with a bit more thought invested in diversity and nutritional values, not only presentation and taste - and I think this was a excellent decision as I feel really good, not to mention how regular digestion can make person very happy indeed :D

I think I have just now begun to actually enjoy running.

I’ve been running off-and-on for couple of years now, running regularly for a few months at a time and then skipping or pausing altogether, not really letting it become a habit and treating it as a constant competition more than something intimate and inherently enjoyable. Until now I have made a lot of small changes in how I run; starting to use Endomondo to track my runs, changing shoes from classic shoes into more barefoot version, changing accessories to feel more comfortable while running, trying out different surfaces and different time of day, varying routes where to run to include inclines, steps, people or solitude. I also read a few books including excellent Murakami’s What I talk about when I talk about running and lastly Jogging by Ivo Belan.

In things of approach to running and technique I especially liked Belan’s book. It gives great advice on host of questions and things you usually don’t remember to ask before you have to resolve them while running. Most importantly I loved his descriptions of running as an activity that is intertwined with other life activities. I love how he includes details about other people, about family members and agreements, about participating - even in a slow pace. In his words you can see how participation alone can truly mean victory.

So I reviewed my running from a different perspective; less aggressive and with more anticipation of enjoyment in process, rather than in result.

And  my runner’s mojo returned, eager to go where it was unable to go before.

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