Friday, April 24, 2015

On My Run

Photo from Gratisography. Go there to see more beautiful pictures by Ryan McGuire.

Last night,
while on my evening run I was listening to San Fermin’s new album Jackrabbit
(which you can buy here from iTunes),
I was not thinking at all.

It was a glorious night for a run;
beautifully warm (but not too warm) and airy (and not windy).
New leaves on trees planted on my chosen route were delightfully trembling in the breeze
(and I would surely hear them rustle if I was not wearing headphones).

Few people I met on the way were busy going on about their business
and their dogs about theirs,
and we moved by each other in space and time not causing ripples in each other’s paths.

Garmin was gently vibrating at each kilometer… 6:08, … 6:06,.. drawing attention to itself,
trying to be more important than it is -
But I kotowari’d.

"This is a holy time: B'tanay, the time of awakening.” rang in my mind.
Emily rang in my ears.
Legs moved feet one in front of the other.
And again.
And again.
Church radiated electricity expenditure.

A bit of darkness then one lovely round girly butt, traffic light, train station, gust of warm wind, elegant streetlights
and I’m home.
Garmin vibrates again and I cross the driveway taking out my keys.

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