Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Falling Pieces

I took my new running shoes for a spin tonight;
night was calm, air cleansed by early rain.

I did not run for a week,
my hip still hurts sometimes, after being inflamed,
so I only cycled to add some diversity.
It helped.

Lately, I listen to Echo when I run,
Nothing's Carved in Stone album from 2011.
It is completely awesome
- almost meditative -
with prominent bassline and great, luscious rich arrangements
and crazy, wonderful, un-English lyrics in songs with English lyrics
peaking into magnifficent Chain Reaction in Japanese.

I love that one. I cannot but sing it.
It scares patrons at the bar I run by at that point. It is quite funny.

Half way into my chosen route I forget myself and repetitive pace takes over.
It is undescribable, unreal feeling.
Pure bliss.
When I come around all the tension of the day has drained out of me.
I run into my building, up the stairs, unlock my place and shed my running skin.

I love doing my streching naked and cats love sniffing news from soles of my shoes.

1 comment:

nienna said...

mačke i znojna odjeća i obuća - neobjašnjiva fascinacija.
frajer moje sandale nakon što sam provela cijeli dan u njima zna lizati satima, a nerijetko uspije zaglaviti glavu u zatvoreniju obuću gostiju. uznemirujuće. :D