Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My favorite songs in 2017

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Even though I did not see many live shows this year and it was a year of massive frustrations and disappointments I did manage to listen to insane quantity of new music and I loved it immensely.

First, a story:

Sex used to occupy a huge part of my life once. I performed it, enjoyed it, thought about it and planned it. I loved it as a concept, as an action, as a point of conversation and even though I had very strong confidence in my role in it, at the same time, I felt ruled by it. Then I had a relationship with a person with very unusual understanding of sex and I vividly remember thinking:"This process is what will release me from its rule".

And it did.

That relationship has broken the spell sex had over me and finally divorced it from all and any obligation, internal and external. It permanently transubstantiated sex from something capricious and volatile into effortlessly replicable. It had shown the separation places between emotional and behavioral and allowed the use of any, some or none of the previously intertwined parts to mix the perfect concoction for every occasion.

Same happened with music this year.

This is the year music stopped being somewhat of an insult to senses and started being choreographed delight.

The list below is comprehensive (but not exhausting) and it shines a small light down the tunnels leading to my lair. Not surprisingly, the songs are about relationships and social constellations. I made a small playlist on YouTube so here it is.

Alibi (3A.M.) - Empara Mi

I wrote about this feeling before, in this post from 2015, the feeling of freedom brought on by the sword.

Attention - Charlie Puth

Just another proof that pop does not need to be stupid.

Awful things - Lil Peep

I never heard of Lil Peep before he was dead. I got sent Benz truck by a friend and I was intrigued by ASMR voice and nauseating bass overtone so I listened to more of his work. Awful things speak to me, like only memories can.

Bathwater - Weslee

I'm usually pretty cold to female vocals but this song took my heart as soon as I heard it.

Cold - Maroon5 ft. Future
It's never about the milk.

Frend - Kukus Klan
Kukus Klan are still the biggest inspiration to my musical growth and understanding.

Made In China (Prod. Richie Souf) - Higher Brothers x Famous Dex
Made in China is just an example as they have A LOT of awesome works and I consider Higher brothers my absolutely favorite and most influential catch this year.

In the middle - Dodie
I visited London in June 2017. It was a business trip and I had some meetings, extremely important and stress inducing meetings... but weather was beautiful and I allowed myself to be smart and prepared and, rather than being dumbstruck and overwhelmed, I enjoyed every minute of the visit. I'd like to think it gave me perspective and whole new appreciation of the British scene, blogger-writer-youtuber-foodie-human scene. So when I returned I found Dodie and I'm including this fresh video entry. Song topic is just an added bonus.

Mesmerizing burden - Rens Argoa
New Rens Argoa album Luciferin is an awesome piece of art, just like I got used to expect from them. It is great to hear it for the first time and grows even better with each repetition.

More Than Just Memes - Elliot Explicit
Elliot Gough, playwright, director and YouTube creator, who is incidentally also TomSka's editor for awesome Darksquidge series Last Week, made this smart retro-feel meme collection song as a part of guest week. This song is a brilliant collection of millennial internet lore as well as a cunning earworm, but it may also prove to be a most expensive joke one could play on one's self since it is a direct nietzche-esque gaze into the abyss of vacuous crap that popular culture is.

Ordinary Life - The Weeknd
Album Starboy has no filler and it is a bomb. I chose this song for best of because my heart breaks every time I hear it.

Thief - Ansel Elgort
I wrote about Thief in my previous post here.

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