Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Somebody Else

People who read my posts about music
always ask things like:" But how dafuq do you remember such details about first hearing the song? Is this all just a dramatization, embellished reality that poses as truth?"

I'm sure sometimes it is, since brain is not a black box
and memories deteriorate and change as the time flows by -
(this can be fought against with some conscious action)
but today, due to browser histories and file properties, we only need a small amount of effort to track
our walk abouts.

Like crumbs Hansel was throwing when venturing into the forest the cookies we accept browsing show us our
way back.
We just need to acknowledge them.

So it happens that 46 days ago, on a Sunday evening, I was watching LivB on YouTube
arrange her weekly meal plan
and in the second part of the video
the music changed
and my mind just slipped out of the visual
and zoned in onto the auditive.

By the end of the video I have already found the song linked in the doobly-doo
traveled to SoundCloud, liked, reposted and downloaded.
In an hour I researched the original, watched official video, listened to the album and researched and
sampled the discography.
By midnight I have already listened to both versions more than a dozen times each
and have pestered a friend with my newly found mega-crush.

Why is this The 1975 song so awesome? Why is Chris Montoya remix so awesome?
Seriously, they feel like two totally different songs.
Original is slower, softer, sounds more expressively sung and fits better into The 1975's retro-sounding pop, and remix is faster, unburdened with emotional expressiveness and more shoegazy.
Love the additional sounds in the remix;
the dopplery loop at the beginning of the song, giving the feel of the revolving door (am I arriving or leaving?)
the chain drop during the duration of the song accentuating the difficulty of getting one's self out of the enthralling personal situation
the dance pull of the rhythm

But the lyrics, once again, completely hit the spot of what has become recurring motif of my interest - lingering in the moment of relationship dissolution (it is funny how I get drawn in by such songs even without listening to lyrics when I fall for them).

So I heard you found somebody else
And at first I thought it was a lie
I took all my things that make sounds
The rest I can do without

I love how absent-minded it sounds and in the same time very personal;
Hearing it through the grapevine.
Taking with you only the stuff you find essentialy yours.
Like a sulking child gathering their toys when not satisfiled with the exchange.

I'm looking through you while you're looking through your phone
And then leaving with somebody else
No, I don't want your body
But I'm picturing your body with somebody else

Come on baby
This ain't the last time that I'll see your face
Come on baby
You said you'd find someone to take my place

Oh I just don't believe that you have got it in you cause
We are just gonna keep "doin' it" and everytime
I start to believe in anything you're saying
I'm reminded that I should be getting over it

Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of relationship with someone blessed with ambivalent attachment style needs no more explanation than this.

I both love the song
AND love that I feel I can understand the lyrics firsthand.
And most of all I love I can go to my memories and not to my present to understand them :D


Poliin said...

Pozdrav od negdašnjeg subložnika s bloghaera. Iako nemam, niti sam ikad imao, ništa pametno za reći (OK pjesmica, premda totalno van domašaja mojih muzičnih sklonosti), drago mi je vidjeti te u blogopogonu. Dođe nešto kao kad odeš u rodno selo nakon više godina pa nađeš da su neki ljudi još uvijek isti. :j

derzafanistori said...

:) valjda se češemo tam di nas svrbi, mi koji se održavamo upogonjenima. A kako ti je pjesmica strana možda trebaš bacit' oko na Porciju pa bude nešto bliže afinitetima ;) I hvala ti na posjeti i na lijepim riječima :)