Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday evening we were returning from great Giant Sand concert and we were driving home, excited and tired and happy, exchanging impressions and giggling and sighing and yawning and in one sudden moment of silence my friend who was driving said: 'And the guy who got sacked due to recession downsizing and had his last day in the firm today, I could talk to him about music.'. It was so seemingly unconnected that the rest of us remained silent and he continued:'There is nobody left in the firm that I could carry on decent discussion about music with.'. As we drove in silence for minutes after that confession I thought how horrible this is - not the notion that there isn't anyone in your workplace that you connect to, or share an interest with - but the fact that there is Me on one side and the World on the other. That there are times we lose worthy conversationalists to flukes of (mis)fortune. And lastly, how terrifying it is to know that there are people feeling like this every day, permanently disconnected, barren to nonexistence, broken.

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