Thursday, September 30, 2010

Man Zero Autumn 2010 Balkan Tour

Warmly greeted few days ago by Man Zero guys I had an unparallel opportunity to talk to and spend some time with them before they left for their autumn 2010 Balkan Tour. They will be performing in Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Bulgarian and Hungarian clubs (for more detailed itinerary please visit their myspace page) in the next few days and for tour finale they will be performing at KSET on October 11th.

Tomislav, Igor, Denis and Elvis are very eloquent and down to earth bunch of people which I found in good spirits preparing for the trip. We exchanged couple of brief remarks about the band and their work, about making of their album Telemark and their outlook on genre classification, eventually giving priority to making and listening to music. You can check out their myspace page to get better acquainted with their music – fortunate concoction of instrumental post-rock and pragmatic kinda' love of playing that shines through every riff and beat.

I also had an opportunity to snap some photos which (if you don’t mind my saying) came out great as their state of perfect unison inevitably radiates through.

Lastly, if you find yourself in the way of Man Zero itinerary from today - 30th September to October 09th 2010 come and see their show which will be coming back to Zagreb on October 11th. See you all at KSET!

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