Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Man Zero and Kelly Meickle at Kset

Monday night this week was reserved for Kset and Man Zero returning from their Balkan tour. Visibly exhausted but pleased with new experiences gathered playing on this tour thay have rounded up this experience with exquisite performance at home field in Zagreb.

For this occasion, small bend from Đurđevac, Kelly Meickle, opened the concert evening with actually ashtonishingly well played gig. What they lacked in showmanship they have surely substituted in enthusiasm and goodwill. I especially liked singer's impeccable pronunciation which heightened their act to almost professional level.

Man Zero followed shortly after and they were amazing. Meticulously over-rehearsed and wonderfully adjusted soundwise they absolutely owned the crowd. It was difficult to remove eyes from their act; someone always moving around, performers switching guitars, adjusting and readjusting ton of switches so seamlessly and well rehersed that it almost seemed efortless. It was a celebration of functionality in itself. Their music, on the other hand, was perfect - live, vibrant and satiated with mental imagery. In their performance they had all the pomposity of let's say - Battles (think Tonto) along with crystal clarity of melody and sound of If These Trees Could Talk (think Above the Earth - Below the Sky). It was a revelry of sound that left me dream-filled and pleased to infinity.

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