Monday, October 25, 2010

Why would you want to get rid of this?

First time I laid eyes on Gabriel Gray working in his shop I thought: “Oh, my God – it’s Jeremy Clockson!!!” in utter astonishment. Never mind the fact that neither Gabriel nor Zachary could walk around being unnoticed - being far too beautiful to walk around unnoticed – but the scene from Heroes corresponded so well with what my mind has concocted for Thief of Time scene. And then he said, looking at Davis just like a watchmaker would while looking at a clock: “You’re broken…. I can fix it.” yet in that moment he surely could not.

Later on I thought about this often, feverishly, urgently – half engulfed in hectic exploration and half paralyzed with fear of what this discovery could reveal.

“But they are so different”, – my mind would echo – “one so devoid of passion and the other desire incarnate.”

And I know how it feels to yearn far over the threshold of physical pain. I seldom yearn for things so but rarer still do I comply with my yearning. Things break, and people fall apart when such desires get a chance to be satiated. But we live and learn – no such knowledge comes effortlessly nor does God pay every Saturday, as my grandma would say.

Still I had to search for the answer to this conundrum and just now I feel I could be on to something.

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