Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BlogDay 2011

This year it seems that BlogDay had been eaten by oblivion. Even is sleeping un-updated.

I will not have it so here are my BlogDay 2011 recommendations:

Buntovnik Bez Akorda (

Brought to me by fickle information current this ridiculously clever person haunted by incessant injustice of the world with his caustic comments makes me laugh and cry at the same time. He writes in native Croatian.

Raptitude (

David writes about "Getting better at being human". Me being psychologist and also having abundant supply of bad experience causes that most of the research he writes about is already known but I don't mind. He is always well "spoken" (written actually :), deliberate, focused and, most importantly - optimistic. It may be that his outlook on human nature is a bit naive in its effort to see good in people but he is sweet and he makes me smile.


Food/science blog written by Aki Kamozawa & H. Alexander Talbot always full of beautiful photos and innovative and kooky ideas. If in need of fresh look on ingredients or cooking methods look no further: learn how to pair watermelon juice with bacon fat to produce hydrogenated watermelon-flavored cooking fat or how to add flavor to your dishes using flaked cured venison heart.

Miss Mags's I want to go to Faerie College (

This is "A blog by a 20-something hockey goalie, former-dentistry-now-economics student, book-nut, knitter, seamstress, affectionate hugger, vegetarian, dedicated movie-goer, lover of cold weather, elected bake-star of this residence, who wants to move to Canada." She takes wonderful photos, knits studiously and produces exquisite garments, writes fluent and easily-identifiable-with descriptions of her thoughts. She is someone I'd like to meet.

Grilled Cheese Social (

Brought to you by MacKenzie Smith this is a treasure trove for all (grilled cheese) sandwich lovers among us. Her recipes shine joie de vivre and fun and enjoyment, her photos cause my mouth water even right after a meal. Snack, dinner or dessert – you can find them all here.

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