Friday, December 14, 2012

Cycling Gloves

Lately I've been sad and tired and preoccupied with life mysteries so I hadn't had the spirit to write about this experience.

But I cooked and ate well. I socialised and entertained, I even went and saw exhibition "Elves" (Vilenjaci) in Zapresic.

I cycled and ran and hiked and practiced aerobics and stretched and did some yoga. I bought less and saved more and I managed to focus my energy on small steps that add up to big changes. Like acquiring new skills while still using them to make useful and usable things.

Exactly as this lovely new pair of Ringwoods made using new bind-off and weaving ends techniques.

I finished them yesterday during knitting group I thought to try for size and organize at my place on Thursdays.

They'll keep my hands toasty while I'm cycling on cold days.

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