Sunday, April 21, 2013

Go No Go @Prostor Do 19Apr2013

I meant to go see Go No Go for ages now but every time there was gig somewhere something came up; it was on school night, there were overlapping other gigs, sickness, "wrong weekend" (term familiar to all divorced parents anywhere). I came closest to going to see them play when Potlista had their birthday party at Attack! - and it was close, but no cigar!

So when a friend sent me invite for Žur featuring Go No Go that was to happen last Friday I fell over myself from happiness and after I picked myself up and dusted off some, I hatched a plan to overcome all difficulties...

... and I was there before the band plugged in.

I like Prostor Do

It is clean, ventilation is excellent, waiters are attentive and bright and toilet equipped with necessities at all times of night. Taking all that into consideration I do not mind much that sound there is usually less than perfect. Actually I think that most of my objections could be resolved by just turning the volume down a notch or two - but, alas - with that much people who only come there to talk to each other and the notion that with ingestion of alcohol din tolerance goes up there remains nothing to be done except be understanding. So I do my best (what seldom proves simple) and exercise understanding.

After some greeting nods and a bit of waiting spent in gazing at pleasant interpersonal scenes I was glad to see the band going on stage.

"Hello, we are Go No Go and this is our first independent concert. It is great to greet you all here because this place, actually the place next door - Spunk - is the place where we first, over some drinks, decided we're gonna have a band. And here we are. So, we're going to play all of the songs we have for you." - said the lead singer and then they kicked ass of that aforementioned songs.

It was excellent!

Energetic, well played in, relaxed and with beautiful effortless communication both among band members and with the crowd. There was some talking, some jokes, some presenting new songs and it went on for about 50 minutes with one encore and it was so great it felt like a mere moment. They played all the songs from their album First, that you can hear/download from their bandcamp page and couple of new songs I can hardly wait to see released.

This was an experience that I'm going to repeat as soon the opportunity arises.


Anonymous said...

I missed them this time, but can't wait foor their new stuff to come out soon. Happy to hear it was a great gig :D

Derza Fanistori said...

We'll save you a spot :) Happy travels until then!