Monday, April 22, 2013

Killed A Fox & Apey and the Pea @KSET 18Apr2013

On Thursday night I went to see what kind of remodeling shenanigans they did at KSET and when I'm already there to have a listen to some stoner rock. I did part of my homework before going there - listened to Apey and the Pea EP on their bandcamp page - but I also wanted to be surprised a bit so I steered clear from too many information on Killed a Fox, which proved to be excellent, excellent decision.

I came early, with company, and had a drink while catching up with friends. Met some interesting people. Mingled a bit with musicians. Caught quite a few interesting rumors and validated my concert roster for Spring season.

Before long we spotted a band climbing on stage so we went inside to listen.

After short introduction and presenting new addition to the band (bass) Killed a Fox started to play and it was one most pleasant surprise. As I understand they did not have any gigs for some time and this was their first gig both in a long time and with a new bass player and on top of all that they are currently in process of recording new songs. You can listen to their materials here on their Myspace page and they are great, but stuff sounded so much more lively and firm live, I'm not even sure that they performed any of these songs. In short, they were freaking great! Emotional, bouncy, filled with energy and kind of spiteful jest, they kicked ass and they absolutely steamed up the place.

Impressive, to say the least.

I was very pleased and utterly amused as it is but when they played cover of Cure's Lullaby my heart was totally lost. I cannot remember the last time heard something so fun. Keeping my ear out for their new release will be a must.

Apey and the Pea came after them as a bit of an anticlimax.

They were styled OK, followed the appropriate etiquette, their music was well rehearsed and technically valid - but it just lacked any life. It felt flat and frontman was leaving the impression of arrogance and playing just to get it over with. It was slow-paced and somehow forced. Whole thing was sad because it really sounds great on the album and it feels like this would have inner sexiness and power that even more famous bands do not have - listening from the album it feels like this would be great music to hear on a enormous stadium concert! - but it did not seem like that live.

But well, everybody's entitled to a bad day. I think I'm gonna give them another chance if they happen to come by again.

And one last thing, in case you were wondering: KSET remodeling shenanigans seem to be just tiny differences in toilet stall heights.

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