Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rens Argoa @Attack! 25Apr2013

Some 10 days ago there was announcement on Facebook that on April 25th there will be Night of Space Blue Beavers at Attack! and that Rens Argoa would be playing and I immediately begun with arrangements to attend.

As you all know - I love Rens Argoa - and I have published here an interview with them as one of earliest Music Thursday offerings. They play powerful and psychodelic instrumental post-rock and I have been amazed with their performance and their music ever since they opened for Maybeshewill on a sold-out long expected concert in Zagreb. I listen to their album (that can be downloaded free of charge from Bandcamp) over and over again every few days and I can sincerely say it is as wonderful and deeply satisfying piece of music that just keeps on giving. They also have new web page that you can check out and see what they're made of and what they've been up to lately.

So how was the show on Thursday?

It was absolutely stunning.

First thing I noticed, even before the gig started is that almost all of the Professor Gang were there and that is alwas a good sign as guys definitely support quality. Secondly, there was quite a bit of a crowd there, above average by size and definitely not an average Thursday crowd for Attack!

As Rens Argoa started to play there was just one overwhelming impression in my mind: "This is how you can differentiate between really great band and merely a very good one!" and Rens Argoa truly are a great band. What makes that difference is a thing bordering on magic, for performers and audience both. They went on stage and started to play and it sounded so well, so overwhelmingly great, so natural and with sound so prevasive and saturated it felt as if the music comes from every direction at once. They played so great that even when they were adjusting the wires and checking the sound it sounded as if they were playing a song. There was a bit of talking and a bit of communication fun and laughter and it was just a natural flow of feelgood. Crowd responded well and I saw people dancing and nodding and enjoying themselves, cantankerous people I never see enjoying anything, and I really am an avid observer.

And in the middle of their act there was an illustrative event:

there was a guy there who must have been intoxicated out of his wits, or maybe he just hasn't got any to begin with. Anyway, guy stirred in the front rows a bit - causing trouble, pushing people, dropping things, making a fool of himself - and in one moment he decides to climb on stage and remove his pants. A guy, Attack! native, surfaces from the crowd and yanks idiot from stage and escorts him out in an orderly fashion and all this happens without a slightest glitch in the power and continuance of music. It was just like an action movie appearing out of thin air in front of our eyes and the music was so perfect a soundtrack it felt not only appropriate, but deliberate.


As I had obligations Friday morning I did not stay to see secret surprise guests that were announced to play after Rens but this was more than enough to fill my cup of pleasure for the night. I'm already looking forward to see them play again, and not to miss concert announcements you can also make sure to like their page on Facebook so to get fresh information on gigs and projects.

And yes, their drummer still plays barefoot and his drumming was wonder inside a wonder, immaculate and sparkling with both skill and talent.

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