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Akustika at Katran 14Jun2013 - Closing the Spring Season

I'm on vacation and in sudden cornucopia of events and travel experiences I managed to collect another backlog, and in this conditions I usually dismiss with concert reports altogether but this time I feel I'd like to say a few words so here we go.

Akustika closed spring concert season last Friday with 4-band concert at Katran and the lineup was: Seine, Gatuzo, And The Kid and S3ngs. As I love Seine and I wanted to check out the rest I went there to see them. Another reason for me to check this out was the venue itself as I'm still in search of that "trusted spot" that marries perfectly the social and the artistic of live music listening and this was an interesting addition to my inventory.

I have to say that Katran (Shock Show Industry venue) is absolutely beautiful and this is by far the coolest and prettiest (squat?) venue I have been to in Zagreb. It is situated in an old industrial yard on Radnička cesta 27 on third and fourth floor of abandoned factory building. On third floor there is the club itself and it is decorated functionally with as little intervention in "old factory look" of the place but with fun and lovely details such as armchairs and signposts and mannequins and fluorescent lights. On fourth floor there are toilets and I think this is the coolest toilet space I ever saw. Beside very clean and lovely toilets there are sofas and armchairs and small vanity tables and nightstands in "waiting space" with flyers for other venues and happenings. I went up to survey it and use it twice and there were always people there sitting and chatting and it felt very welcoming and university-like. Although this whole venue is in a place where you'd expect dirt and grease it is very clean and smells great and the personnel are excellent - hosts and bouncers and bartenders are all very handsome and approachable and nice and helpful.

For this occasion audience was greeted and bands were announced by Katran host and Shock Show Industry Association chairman Mario Petreković:

... and first ones up were Seine.

I have listened to them two times before and as every time before this time they were also great. It's funny - I'm actually the person that loves pieces of music fiercely but not for long periods of time; there is always so many things to listen to and so many performers to love so things "fall off my radar" quickly - but that is not so with Ivan and Tena. I listen to them often at home, in my car, go to their gigs and they are always great. When I see them perform Tin Augustin ide u Blato (Vina!) I'm just completely taken by the music and rhythm and lyric visions and it feels like a wormhole through which I see into Tin Ujević's soul. And then there is Valcer za Kraj and my heart gets stolen and fixed and put back into my chest immaculate and perfect every time I hear it. Go and download and listen to their songs from bandcamp.

Next ones up were Gatuzo:

This was my first time listening to Gatuzo live but I feel I heard them so many times on Radio Student I knew every one of the songs they played by heart. I loved how they are so intensely energetic that it is hard to believe just two guys - guitar and drums - can make that much music. They performed their current single Oni govore somewhere in the middle of their set and this was so profoundly great I hope it will surface on YouTube along with official version. They are playing on InMusic on 26th and 30th on Bundek so if you get the chance go and check them out.

As the gig only started at 23:15 by the time And The Kid started to play it was almost one AM. This was not so good because And The Kid are very gentle and acoustic and the audience was already liquered up and screaming over exceedingly pumped up volume of the speakers. You can sample their music in this video:

... while I moan in disappointment.

I'm in two minds about showcasing acoustic music this late and in bars. If artists would like people to really hear their music this definitely is not the way because the world is just adjusted to people self-medicating with alcohol so to stay awake, be more sociable and get laid. It that mindset I see no space for real listening of any kind, much less getting to know someone's art. On the other hand, people's satisfaction of successfully socializing and getting laid can just spill over to direct reasons of them being someplace, listening to someone, which then could lead to people choosing to listen more of that music in their un-intoxicated, awake time.

Last ones up were S3ngs, 4-piece indie rock band, that just released official video that is bound to be their summer 2013. hit:

Congratulations to Akustika on this great year and I'm absolutely certain I'll keep an eye on new gigs and discoveries in next season - and so should you!

See you in the fall on new Akustika gigs!

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