Thursday, October 24, 2013

65daysofstatic and sleepmakeswaves @ Mocvara 11Oct2013

I rarely come late to a gig but I also rarely check the itinerary for the gig.

I find that “door at 20:00, support at 21:00 and headliner at 22:30” often boils down to “door at 20:00 and after that you’re in the club, conversing, buying drinks and having a generally good time so why would you need to know when particular part of gig starts!?”.

I checked the itinerary of this gig and subsequently I was late. I was not pleased with myself.

But I was very pleased with beautiful, crystalline sound in Mochvara set for sleepmakeswaves. It was beautiful right as I entered through the door and it was equally great wherever I went through the crowd. They have this exquisite melodic guitar unhindered with effect and its sound was meandering around people inside nicely packed Mochvara hall. I thoroughly enjoyed all the songs played live there and I enjoy listening to them at home so go check their bandcamp page and have a taste test - maybe you will like them too, because - let’s face it! - who wouldn’t love the band that presents itself with a sentence “we write love songs about delay pedals” ;-)

Sleepmakeswaves climbed off stage and went to merch stand in the vestibule* and looking so up close I’ve noticed that apart from awkwardly standoffish manner Alex Wilson is really an extremely attractive guy. I lingered a bit while sipping on my cold beverage, mostly lost in a daydream, and then went off to check how the stage is coming along.

Stage master for this occasion was Frank Forman and I thought this a good sign as Mr. Forman is guitar specialist so this could mean that upcoming 65dos show will not be so electronically based as last show in Zagreb was, or so I was told. Since I also prefer their more post-rockish sound to their tranc-y electronic one noticing this was a great joy.

And when the show started this joy was multiplied countless times.

Sound was really, really excellent, they were in good spirits and the audience was mellow, good willed and up for some dancing. And I danced too.

Frank played a song with 65s and I clapped happily when he was thanked and introduced until my hands went numb. I liked that.

When I particularly enjoy a gig I just surf on a wave of happiness, completely forgetting which songs I heard and how long does it last and I’m not thirsty or tired and don’t have to pee and this wonderful, warm, cottony happiness completely hides me from reality. There’s just me and the music. Dancing. 

That is how it was.

I’m gonna do it again.

*this strikes me as definitely the best word for Mochvara bar area so I’m using it. Deal with it.

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