Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Yawns at Tvornica 27Sep2013

I went to see The Yawns play at Tvornica last Friday.

Day was long and preceding week positively terrible and I was just in the mood for some fresh indie and a tiny bit of socializing and this evening was just a perfect score.

Afternoon was coldish and it rained so evening did not feel promising for a bike ride. Around half past nine I sat in my car and picked up a friend and we drove to town, chatting away. Streets were empty and we found a parking spot fast and we came to Tvornica to find it nearly empty. I had a tiny bit of fun joking with the bouncer and inside there were few girls and barmaids and we got a drink while more people gathered. It was a busy evening with two more gigs that I know of and a club called Klub opening night. Overlaps of gigs that count on the same audience are so funny in a town this small. Few more of our music friends joined so we made more scene jokes and sipped our drinks.

At one moment small group of people passed by us and went on stage. I did my homework and listened to their materials before I went to see them and I found them interesting and very listenable so maybe you too should give them a go and check out their bandcamp page. My favorite is I Win.

Most noticeable thing seeing them live was their age. They seem so very, very young. But they come across as very nice, civilized folk and their frontman talked quite a bit and regaled us with his directness and unpretetiousness.

He introduced the band, told us they have come from Scotland and thanked the hosts for wonderful meal and he continued to amble and speak of personal details in between songs and to introduce every song to us with a few words:

"This one is called: I believe in UFOs. You know, the flying saucers"

There were so few of us in the audience, maybe 20 together with Mali Pogon personnel, but it felt nice and heartfelt from both sides, both to listen and to perform, it seemed. I was thinking about how funny this is, how much of attention and grandeour does the band naming themselves "The Yawns" would actually expect.

"This one, color, I don't know what do you call it in Croatian, like that [shows something by first guitarist] - that color! Brown. That is my favorite color."

They have loveliest, most beautiful bass player I ever saw live. Wonderful color and grace, sparkle in her eyes and real proficiency in playing.

And they have played all the songs they had. All. And it was over.
Small group of people went over to them and asked them for merch and talked with them for a while and it was so great to see this; fans so overwhelmed with joy they can converse with the band and band so overwhelmed with joy to be loved and sought in some distant spot of the planet far away from home.

And then they packed their stuff in under ten minutes, I swear.

I never saw enything being done so efficiently. One moment everything was there and in the next stage was a blank canvas.

We lingered contently a bit over our drinks and then went into the night.

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