Friday, November 1, 2013

What's Cookin'?

It's a Saturday morning on an actual Friday and I'm up and about for three hours already and I'm happy and content at this moment and I'm actively trying to savour and prolong this moment so I'm writing a post about it.

Last few weeks have been tough. I do not feel like talking about it since I feel that the story is not mine only to share but the thing involves my (direct) family and is a source of constant pain and dissapointment. And I cannot speak about it.

So I thought to share how I've been dealing with it.

I bought myself a wonderful toy: Kenwood FPM 270. Somebody may think that this has something to do with music, as name Kenwood would suggest, but this is even better for a woman of many appetites like me.

This appliance is a food processor with all the beauty of audio componenets Japanese Corporation with which it shares the name makes. I saved money for it and have been keeping an eye on it for a year and finaly I chose to buy it now. My interest first was piqued by this application having a grain mill and I wanted this because special flours in Croatia are expensive as gold. Like buckwheat flour; 1 kg buckwheat costs 2,5 $ and 1 kg buckwheat flour is 7 $. For rice price for 1 kg can be as low as 1 $, but 1 kg of rice flour is almost 10 $. Urad or chickpea flour is unavailable alltogether in Croatian market and there are wonderful things to be made from it.

So this appliance makes posible many other DIY things for me. And it also grates, slices, mixes, liquifies, presses citrus fruit, makes nut butters, pates and doughs and its centrifugal juicer makes the most of any fruit and vegetable in terms of wonderful fresh juice and pressed pulp for cooking. It is very robust and everything is detachable so it can be thoroughly cleaned.

And I am very pleased with things I can do with it: two mid-sized carrots and two small apples yield one full glass (2 dcl) of juice!

I was shocked how much pure juice there is in them and I can also turn pulp into delicious cake sasoned with cinnamon, clover and nutmeg.

This is 3:7 buckwheat to wheat flour bread (with some flax and sunflower sees kneaded in). Smells so wonderful I think this is the best baked good smell I ever experienced and my daughter liked it so much she even asked me to pack her a slice for snack at school three days this week.

This morning I thought to grate some fresh carrot and beets and leave them to marinate for lunch salad. It took 5 minutes to clean the veggies and 30 seconds to grate them in FPM:

And while doing this I realised I could go for a glass of fresh beet-carrot-apple juice and I'm sipping on it now.

In this moment life is beautiful.

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