Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Times They Are a-Changin'

Lately, I am pressed for time.
Early evenings make me too tired to write when I come home after all daily responsibilities,
But I listen to new music
And I watch new movies
And I go cycling on weekends (and even sometimes on weekdays!)
And I smell the change in the wind.

Love is IN. Emptiness is OUT.

Graffiti on highway overpass by Podsused bridge in Zagreb. Sentence below reads:"I love you forever"

I feel the tide
and it is changing.


Mihael Pinter said...

ja ne :(

Derza Fanistori said...

Ajd' Buntovni, dajmo si 4 godine da vidimo jel' bilo istine u ovom mojoj hipotezi. To bi bilo do 13.11.2017. Pa ćemo podijelit' iskustva po isteku roka. kaj veliš?

Mihael Pinter said...