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Pičke Vrište at Klub 24Oct2014

Last week Pičke Vrište (name would be something between vaginas/chicks scream, since in Croatian we colloquialy use same term for vaginas and atractive females, thank you for asking) released new album Nedovršena Priča (i.e. Unfinished Story that you can hear and download here from bandcamp) and I immediately loved it so on Friday night I went to see Picke Vriste promote their new album at Klub. club.

I drove circles through downtown for half an hour searching for a parking spot. Good thing I am such a zen driver ‘cause if I was any less calm feathers would fly and there would be some extremely plucked chickens roaming through Zagreb.

I expected more of a  crowd (even with several gigs I knew were going on in close venues) but when I arrived Bezbeli Apstraklije were playing to an almost empty room. I loved the styling but sadly, apart from that, I have nothing nice to say about their act. They sounded dissapointed, bitter and slow, even the jokes frontman made about that sounded stretched and insincere. Maybe it just wasn't their day.

Soon after, Street Eaters went onstage to arrange their set. I didn’t listen to them before but was intrigued with bare drum (Megan March) /bass (Johnny Geek) setup. They both sing and their genre seems to be truewave punk, term they assigned to selves and which probably serves to point out their sincerity and flatter their bare form. I liked their performance; they are very energetic and they quickly draw attention to themselves. Also, songs are quite melodic, albeit not decorated much. I liked the crazy sound effect their music makes that feels and sounds like it is going backwards for a time (I’d say Doppler effect by impression it creates but that is not it). I liked how Megan was aptly communicating with the audience when Johnny’s string broke and he had to change it - this was truly amazing to watch and I can only applaud for that as it was a wonderful mixture of apologetic yet bright “thinking on your feet” that was perfect for not very kind and half-drunk audience we sported at that time.  Oftentimes at this punk gigs I’m quite ashamed with manners we the audience present ourselves with and am also quite humbled when performer shows mad skillz in appeasing the half-witted. 

To return back to the music impressions I especially loved Dead Parts, song from their current album, that you can also listen to (or download) here from their bandcamp page.

And finally, room filled up and Pičke Vrište climbed on stage.

By this time there was a nice crowd gathered in Klub. I noticed many musicians in the audience, gathered to support their colleagues; Ivana from Auguste, Vito from Kurve, guys from Vlasta Popić,… lot of familiar faces. Pičke Vrište played hard right from the start and songs sounded really powerful. I have to give credit also to Klub sound guy who worked a large miracle there to polish the sound as it was excellent by the time they played third song even if it was wonky at the beginning. To my experience Klub is more of acoustic and DJ kinda place as that kind of things sound well there, but for rock/punk things venue setting is pretty unfortunate - and yet this Friday I was proven wrong as this sounded really nice. 

The only resentment I have is that it just flew by too quickly and I was hoping for at least an hour of performance.

Album sounds great and I’m already looking forward to the next gig: 04Dec2014 at Attack! 
There may even be some freshly silk-screened T-shirts there ;)

On a completely different note, one other interesting thing happened there.

I think I had "a moment" with a guy there. That kind of moment when you feel weak in the knees and you carry on carrying it around with you for days. This kind of moment:

I really liked that moment. I hope I'll be seeing more of that moment again. 
Soon. :D

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