Friday, October 31, 2014

Stressed days

I work in clinical trials field for just a month less than seven years now. It is a high stress job but also very challenging and educational, so I am pleased with it because it feeds into my highest values.
And yet sometimes, like this week, stress is quite overwhelming and if I weren’t focusing all my mental efforts into dealing with work-related issues I would try to multitask and would end up spreading myself too thin.

I do not wait to crack, I inform close ones in advance that I’ll be less readily available and it works well, cutting on misunderstandings and additionally getting a heaping portion of social support.
I like this modus operandi, one that is product of years of trial and error.

In the evening I cook dinner and listen to offspringess drone on about school issues and Minecraft and youtube tutorials and I have myself some high-fiber date sweetened oatmeal carob cookies and I roll myself in blanket and kittens come and sleep on top of me while I read a book.

Life feels sweet and well-portioned and I thoroughly enjoy it, even with the stress and all.

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