Sunday, November 2, 2014

Red Dust

I came across James Vincent McMorrow's Post Tropical last week and I have been listening to it ever since.

Strongly evocative of Vernon's work with Volcano Choir, yet wonderfully different; with potent, sticky and heavy lingering emotion and exquisite feel of multilevel-ness of understanding. Like singing Jonathan Meiburg's lyrics in style of Justin Vernon. Times 10. And better. Infinitely more engaging.

I especially like Red Dust.

As relationship narratives are always in focus of my attention I'm always on the lookout for new pictures and examples and this is truly an exceptional one. I already said that men's stories I like more and this is one true "man story". Females somehow stress out entirely different points, even when using the same words.

I love the heavy-laying feel of sweetness, of depth of emotion, of unspoken, unsung. Fairytale unwrapping in a nightmarish color, in that feeling not of impending doom, but immediate feeling of your heart breaking while you're delivering goodbye speech - captured in a bold mix of masterful musical arrangements and picturesque lyrics.

I will not cave under you
for my heart is an unending tomb

 I love loves like that. With strong protagonists in vulnerable positions.

It seems that most people have difficulty understanding that trying relationships are in no way less valuable, real or desirable. We need things to engage us not (only) to become better people, but to be people at all. To be subjects of life, not only scenery - or, how Manu Chao would put it: "La Resignaci├│n es un suicidio permanente".

I love the lyrics James Vincent used to convey the depth of hurt and understanding of causes and consequences. I love the open-ended finality of song finale, the magnificent celebration of hurt while it is still happening, open-wound feeling of flow.

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