Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Anna Silvers

Marriage is an institution of beauty. Or despair.

As a psychologist and also as a divorced person I read a lot of stuff on marriage and personal relationships. It is a prolific field of research and even more prolific field of abundant anecdotal evidence and heated  unsubstantiated opinions. No other area holds more interest for me than interpersonal relationships and it is as much labor of love as it is the quest for quenching intellectual curiosity thirst.

With that being said real live examples, often quite immediate, are falling close to the heart so to speak, engaging me on levels both private and professional - bringing true discomfort along with captivation.

In the second ever episode of Life there is a great exchange in the beginning, one that captures in its essence the internalization of societal expectations in its full terrifying ridiculousness, one which ends with Dani Reese kneeling over a dead person in a wedding apparel. As we, the viewers, pick up from there it is so easy to overlook that in daily life we may not always encounter complete people lying like that but frequently there are bits of our beliefs left thusly; betrayed expectations, un-communicated fears, hopes given up upon that finally leave us void of our ticking mechanism, nonfunctional. Broken.

At this time in my close proximity in real life there are two open "case studies" so to speak, one with male and one female party being undone by a destructive relationships right in front of our eyes. It is truly disconcerting how little can be done to help other than making ourselves available for them in some possible future event of actual need.

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