Friday, January 21, 2011


Few days ago I met my friend for coffee after work and we had coffee and talked and laughed. And it felt right, and familiar and homely and in the same time it felt like we're doing this for the first time. We're really adults now - with careers and divorces and parenting and cancers. I see and listen to unhappy, empty people, full of grief and bitteness that they grew older almost every day and I cannot relate to that. I cannot relate to life so detached from the moment it is happening in. I love us being adults. I loved us being adolescents. I loved us being children. It all has meaning and weight and beauty, not just as the way of us getting here to present time but as a road and building blocks and feelings and skills. She told me that she's happy to see me again... to see ME again since she has not seen me for awhile as the disruption of my life by lousy marriage turned me into something unrecognizable. And now I'm back, she says.

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